Packing Accessories When Travelling to Africa

Packing Accessories When Travelling to Africa

You can take a lot of guesswork out of packing by following tips from experienced globetrotters who have been travelling to Africa and many other continents in search of adventure. Those who intend to go on an African safari tour or a vacation in Africa could therefore do well to bring along these eight recommended travel essentials that can make life on safari that much easier:

Compression Sacks and Packing Cubes 
Part of packing is staying organized, especially if you will be carting your belongings from trip to trip on a near nightly basis. You can make your life easier by using smaller vessels like packing cubes and compression sacks and then using your larger suitcase to stow all these items in one place. Compression sacks in general are great for large, soft, “fluffy” items like sweatshirts, bedding, socks and similar items. They are easy to stuff, and then condensing your items into a capsule is as simple as tightening the straps.

You never know when you may need a light! Headlamps help in a variety of situations, from a nighttime walking safari to trying to find the light switch in your lodge during a midnight bathroom trip. Just make sure you bring fresh batteries!

Outlet Converter (or Compatible Charger)
The last thing you want to do is be caught with a dead device battery and an incompatible charger, so research the type of plug you will need for the country or region you will be visiting and stock up on adapters accordingly. You can also use emergency battery kits in case your charge runs dry, but remember these devices add weight to your bags!

Earplugs and a Travel Blanket
Earplugs and a cozy but lightweight blanket can turn any boredom-inducing situation or in transit trip into a quick, energy-recharging nap!

Wool Socks
Never underestimate the power of natural fiber socks! Wool socks wick away moisture, offer added support and are more durable than generic cotton-poly blends. They also last a few wears in between washes, so you can replace a multiple pairs of regular white socks with just one pair of lightweight wool!

Travel Dictionary
Many African countries speak English as a second language, but pronunciations and slang are so embedded in native languages that it helps to have a bridge. Make sure to take along a travel dictionary like this one that covers the languages you are likely to encounter so that nothing gets lost in translation.

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