Destinations for Bird Lovers in Africa

Destinations for Bird Lovers in Africa

Bird lovers who want to make the most of this grandeur on display can look to the following top safari destinations for bird lovers:

Okavango Delta — Botswana
During the rainy season, the Okavango Delta becomes a massive floodplain. All sorts of animals, insects and plant life flourish around it at this time, making it perfect for birds both large and small. Spotting rare wildlife is easy during this period, too, with some birds no doubt serenading you with a wakeup call right outside your tent.

Lake Nakuru — Kenya
If you want constant photo ops, Lake Nakuru is the place for you. During certain times of the year, the lake is teeming with enormous flocks of greater and lesser flamingos, sometimes hundreds of thousands strong. Finding a great photo is often as simple as looking and hitting “click.” 

In addition to flamingos, you are bound to see other notable birds like the Goliath heron, pied kingfisher, Verreaux's eagle, African fish eagle and hamerkop.

Maasai Mara — Kenya
The Maasai Mara is an incredible place to see big game as well as rare and beautiful birds. Most recognizable is the massive ostrich, but there are also plenty of other unique species in the area. These include the martial eagle, Africa’s largest raptor, and the Kori bustard, Africa’s largest flying bird. You will also see pygmy falcons, kingfishers, gray heron, great white egret, sacred ibis, and — usually attending a fresh lion kill — lots of vultures.

Serengeti — Tanzania
Like the Maasai Mara, the Serengeti is teeming with big game as well as plenty of unique birds. You are bound to spot the long-legged secretary bird here, as well as some of the larger ostriches found on the continent. In addition to these iconic birds, the Serengeti is home to several endemic species, like Loveridge’s sunbird and the Usambara eagle owl.

Mabamba Swamp — Uganda
Mabamba Swamp plays home to many permanent and migratory species, but most people come here for one reason: to spot a shoebill. This large, unusual-looking bird is one of Africa’s most idiosyncratic species and a priority for bird watchers. Alongside shoebills, long-crested eagle, fulvous whistling duck, long-toed lapwing and other species call Mabamba home.

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